Water Management Officer

water-managementManaging a Fireground operation is crucial for a successful outcome.  The incident command structure is set up to allow all phases of the operation to be managed under the incident commander.  As you know, these individual phases are not directly control from the incident manager.  Instead they are sub managed by company officers that report to the IC.  One phase that is commonly neglected is the water delivery on the Fireground.  Most incidents only require a very basic water delivery system which really does not need management.  This usually involves a basic water supply, whether it be from a pressurized water source, or a static water source, along with stream producing hose evolutions.

What about the more complicated Fireground operations that involve multiple water sources, and multiple units pumping?  This is where the management of water delivery becomes crucial.  This class is is going to focus on managing a large-scale water delivery operation from the water source to the discharge of the water onto the fire.  In order to successfully manage a Fireground water delivery operation you have to be thoroughly versed in all phases of water delivery.  This hands on class is going to focus on just that.

Students will learn the following.

  • The complete understanding of both pressurized and static water sources along with a pumper’s ability to achieve maximum flow.
  • Supply line hose evolutions to deliver maximum flow.
  • Setting up multiple pump operations logistically to receive the required flow.
  • Flow capabilities of pumpers.
  • An understanding of discharge operations to produce the required stream efficiently.
  • This class will and with a multi company drill covering everything learned in the class.
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