Water Delivery Operations For Highrise Buildings

water-delivery-operationsDelivering the required fire stream in a standard attack line hose evolution from the engine to the fire is quit easy to develop. There are four basic things the pump operator needs to know, flow rate, diameter of the line, nozzle pressure, and length of the line.

When it comes to buildings with fire protection systems, especially multi-story, it gets to be a bit more complicated. Now there are specific flow and pressure limitations to deal with which are usually unique to each building. These limitations can require specific equipment and tactics to deal with the fire problem to have a successful outcome.

This class is going to cover all phases of fire department pump operations for building fire protection systems, which include sprinkler systems, sprinkler/standpipe systems with no building fire pump, sprinkler/standpipe systems with a building fire pump, and handline operations..

Topics being covered are:

  • Establishing the proper pump discharge pressures
    • Sprinkler systems
    • Combination systems with no building pump
    • Combination systems with building pump
  • Apparatus placement
    • For safety and deployment
  • Water supply hose evolutions
    • Obtaining the required flow from the water source.
    • Back up water supply evolutions.
    • Supplemental water supply evolutions
  • Discharge hose evolutions from the engine to the FDC
    • Procedures FDC hookups
    • Procedures for high rise pump operations
    • Use of proper hose
    • Series pumping for backup
    • Water flow check procedures
  • Attack line discharge hose evolutions
    • Analyzation of pressure problems created from building fire protection systems and how to over come them with the proper hose and nozzle combinations
  • Communication
    • Things the pump operator needs to communicate to the command structure.
  • Series pump operations
    • Explanation of series pumping to include reasoning for and proper procedures.

NOTE: Realistic company drill will be used to support all material.

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