Fireground Water Delivery For The Company Officer


It seems like whenever you see training in water delivery it always focuses on the firefighters and the pump operators.  Well what about the company officers?  It is really important for the company officers to understand their capabilities with water delivery simply because they are the ones that call the shots.

The classroom portion of this class is going to focus on training company officers to be well-versed in Fireground water delivery from the water supply to water discharge.  The class will analyze the available water sources to include pressurized, and static water supply.  The student learn the process for obtaining water supplies and how to maximize the source. This class will also cover water discharge to include pump, nozzle, and hose capabilities based on the departments inventory.  There will also be a section on the water supply officer, which will show how to manage  the water delivery operations.

Students will then go out onto the drill field and practice what they’ve learned in the classroom.  Again this will include water supply and water discharge evolutions as well as a multi company drill to put it all together under the supervision of the water supply officer.

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