Fireground Water Delivery Evaluation

fireground-water-deliveryA complete evaluation of your water delivery operations

Fire Flow Technology is proud to announce our comprehensive Fireground Water Delivery Evaluation for fire departments. Firefighting is comprised of many components all of which are essential. However, during a fireground operation, access to and proper application of water is the most crucial component for ensuring a successful outcome.

The Fire Flow Technology water delivery evaluation addresses all phases of water delivery – from the water supply to the water discharge. This comprehensive water delivery capability evaluation includes water supply access, fire stream management, equipment, strategy, and tactics. Engine and truck companies will participate in live water supply and delivery evolutions that will reveal four capabilities: (1) ability to develop required flows, (2) water delivery efficiency, (3) pump operator competency, and (4) strategic coordination of water supply and delivery. Fire Flow Technology will provide detailed recommendations that will improve water supply and delivery capability.

Water delivery evaluation includes the following criteria:

  1. Supply line operations ranging from a simple, low-flow, single engine house fire to a complex, high-flow, multiple water source and multiple apparatus operation.
  2. Handline operations for small and large flows including calculation of pump discharge pressures, gallons per minute, and optimal deployment.
  3. Master stream operations that include pump discharge pressure calculations and gallons per minute.
  4. Flow tests on all attack lines based on NFPA 1962 standards.
  5. Pump charts designed for your apparatus.
  6. Apparatus design as it pertains to optimal water delivery capability.
  7. High-rise water delivery capability including pump operations and high-rise handlines.
  8. Implementation of the Water Management Officer.
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