Developing The Required Flow

developing-required-flowFeaturing data and flow testing information to accurately develop the required flow on the fireground.

“Putting the wet stuff on the red stuff” is a phrase that everyone in the fire service is well aware of.  It’s plain and simple, fire is extinguished with water.  Another common phrase associated with water application is “the GPM has to match the BTUs”.  This basically means that you have to apply enough water to put the fire out as quick as possible.  And now for the semi technical portion of water delivery.  How do we come up with the required flow?

This presentation, Developing the Required Flow, was created to give fire departments a real world process for coming up with proper pump discharge pressures to produce the required stream on the fireground.  In fact, NFPA 1962 now recommends that fire departments do annual flow tests as a part of their annual hose testing to assure that the required pump discharge pressures are achieved.

This presentation will take firefighters through a step-by-step, hands-on demonstration using flow meters, in-line pressure gauges, and a hand held pitot gauge, to teach how to establish the friction loss in hose as well as determining what the required pressure should be for all discharge evolutions .A pump chart will also be developed to reflect all discharge  evolutions used by your department.

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