Company Officer Water Delivery Test

The company officer water delivery test.   We all know that firefighting is a teamwork operation and that the team has a boss.  The boss is the company officer.  It is the company officer that sets up and or implements the plan for the work his crew is going to do.  If the crew is […]

Pumping From The Hydrant

Pumping from the hydrant is an operation that has been done for many years. It involves placing the pumper at the hydrant, making hookups with short supply hose and pumping through its discharge lines to either another pumper, water delivery appliances, or handlines. The latter is most common when the hydrant is close to the […]

Why Does it Always Have To Be Done That Way?

Whether it’s department SOPs, SOGs, or just the word from the old-timers, we in the fire service have rules that govern the way we do things. Especially when it comes to moving water. Some of these rules have been established from years past, while others are more recent. What are rules based on? They can […]