Smooth Bore Tips, The Next Generation

Smooth Bore Tips, The Next Generation   When it comes to water delivery on the fireground, I think it’s safe to say that the fire service has come a long way. My knowledge of history in regards to this topic goes back to the use of buckets in bucket brigades. I can’t imagine what was […]

The Big Hit Offensive Concept

The Big Hit Offensive Concept   I have been wanting to write about this for a long time now and wanted to keep it as basic as possible. I was talking with my wife trying to come up with an opening statement that would be basic and have enough information as possible to explain what […]

Big Paulie the Monster Handline

Big Paulie, The Monster Handline     The 2-1/2″ handline has always be known for its high flows.  In fact there are many different flows that are being successfully used by fire departments nationwide with this big line. With that being said, what I am about to tell you in this article is going to […]

Big Knockdown Using the Little Guy With the Big Punch

Big Knockdowns Using The Little Guy With the Big Punch   I think we are all aware of what the 2-1/2” handline can do for us in regards to big flow however we also understand the difficulties that might be encountered in its deploying. This is not to say that the 2-1/2” handline should be […]

What Size Handline Should Be Used In a Highrise Fire?

What Size Handline Should Be Used In A Highrise Fire? The purpose of this document is to provide information that will help firefighters in making a decision on what size handline is to be deployed in a highrise fire. There are four basic components for a high-rise handline operation. They are the hose, the nozzle, […]

Big Streams Requires a Proactive Water Supply

Big Streams Requires A Proactive Water Supply Fire departments all across the country have the responsibility for protecting their communities from the ravages of fire both big and small. It would be ideal if all fire stayed in the small range requiring only one or two hand lines to extinguish. There are some communities that […]

Developing Pump Discharge Pressures

Developing Pump Discharge Pressures     Pump operators have one of the most critical jobs within the fire company. They must be able to deliver the troops in a timely and safe manner and provide them with an adequate water flow to suppress the fire as fast as possible. This involves securing a water supply […]

Large Diameter Hose Manifold

Large Diameter Hose Manifold     Fireground hose evolutions can take many forms, from the very basic LDH supply line with 1-3/4″ attack lines to the extremely complex multi apparatus combination master stream and handline operation. No matter what type of evolution is going to be in operation the goal should be to provide the […]

Deploying the Blitz Attack From Tank Water

Deploying the Blitz Attack From Tank Water           This article is going to focus on fire attack on an exposure threatening fire based on a limited water supply, more commonly known as a blitz attack operation. It will be a worst case scenario being a 500 gallon booster tank. The most common initial hose evolution […]