Anchor and Hold


Anchor And Hold Water Delivery Evolutions For Structure Fires In The Wildland Urban Interface

The intention of this class is to examine in detail the water delivery capabilities of the Anchor and Hold structural protection and suppression operations in the Wildland Urban Interface . Structure protection involves actual fire suppression of involved structures as well as the pre deployment of units at the structures to defend against an approaching fire before it gets to the structures themselves.

With the real prospect of several structures burning in specific areas at the same time, the extreme radiant heat and ember release created can be more intense then the heat from burning brush and embers. These factors along with the possibility of high wind conditions has the potential for creating fire storm conditions (urban conflagration) requiring high flow streams to suppress.

The Anchor and Hold tactics presented in this class offer a realistic approach to addressing the structure fire problems associated with Wildland Urbane Interface fires. These tactics and strategies are addressed through hose evolutions designed for multi-company operations to provide the required flows to achieve rapid knockdowns.

Topics to be covered :

  • Water Source
    • Hydrants
    • Tank water
  • Water Supply Hose Evolutions
    • Relay Pumping
    • Dual pumping
    • Large diameter hose
    • Small Diameter hose.
    • Quick disconnect.
  • High flow handlines
    • 1-3/4″, 2″ and 2-1/2″ hose
    • Smooth bore tips
  • Master Stream Operations
    • Fixed
    • Portable
    • Smooth bore tips
  • Blitz Attack Operations
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